I miss Jackowitch so much.

I finally did it, I pulled down www.jackowitch.com.  I am putting my efforts elsewhere.  There was a ton of good information on this site, and don't worry, I still have it all.  You may sign my guestbook if you need special info that was located here.

In the future this site may be back up as an informational site.  I can't really call it a community site anymore since Jacksonville, NC has had a serious lapse in community, and active Pagans are harder and harder to find.  So we have our Coven, and have stopped really trying to hold together anything for Jacksonville as a whole.  I suspect now that we are officially done someone will come out with a "need" for community with Pagans.  Good luck with that around here.

The people I have met and Circled with in the past decade have been great, and I have met my dearest and best friends through here - and it isn't over by far, but this time, I am taking a for real break and focusing on my Family.

Good luck to everyone looking for good Pagan information and contacts.  I am finally working on my other Pagan site, and if you know me or have been here before, you should know where that is.  If not, guestbook it I can email you.

The Wicca, Druids, and Pagans of Jacksonville, NC
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This page was last updated on: February 24, 2015
2015 is going to be the year!  I will bring it back and all of us together.